Joseph Charlton

Joseph Charlton previously worked as a news reporter and assistant comment editor at the Independent, as well as media adviser to Evgeny Lebedev.

Teenage Tommies, BBC2 - TV review: The shocking tale of how Britain's

If you're going to lay it on thick, a centenary Remembrance Day is not a bad time to do so. Replete with moving letters from the trenches, gut-wrenching stories of bereaved families, and a sentimental orchestral score, Teenage Tommies (BBC2) retold the stories of five adolescents sent over the top during the Great War.

Joseph Charlton Debate: Boris Johnson is right to say we’re overly eager to bash the

Surprise, surprise.  Boris Johnson has gone and caused a signature ruckus: this time saying we should celebrate, not condemn, the UK’s batch of gazillionaires. And he doesn’t stop there – saying the papers should abandon their annual rich lists and replace them with a catalogue of the country’s top 100 “Tax Heroes”, with automatic knighthoods handed out to the top 10 earners-come-tax contributors.

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