Trump opposes plan for windfarm

The US billionaire Donald Trump has criticised a plan to build an offshore windfarm near his luxury golf resort in Scotland.

Green house effect: You don't have to compromise on design when opting

As soaring fuel bills force homebuyers to act green, many movers are opting for the lower running costs of a new-build property which, on average, are six times more energy-efficient than older homes. The message coming through is that you do not have to compromise on comfort, style and luxury, or even pay a premium, for a low-energy new home that offers a better, cheaper lifestyle.

Chris Huhne to unveil turbine drive

More than 2,500 wind turbines will be installed around the coast over the next nine years under plans to be set out today by the Government.

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Michael Clark Company, Tate Modern, London

Michael Clark's new work for Tate Modern starts after sunset, with twilight visible through the skylights of the Turbine Hall. The piece builds on last year's residency at the gallery, when Clark worked with public volunteers in weekly workshops. A large volunteer cast move in blocks, set against the taut precision of Clark's own dancers, who strut and stalk with serene cool.

Neville the Red Devil who became a green saint

You won't catch Gary Neville in a Hummer. Ian Herbert meets the ex-footballer saying no to bling and yes to a Prius, an eco-home and – hopefully – an environmental empire