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Blind tourists: Sightseeing by sound

Holidays always present challenges, but blind tourists face particular problems, as the BBC's Peter White can testify. A sense of terror can be part of the pleasure, he tells Simon Calder

Get fit for the future

Looking for the perfect place to recharge body and soul? Rhiannon Batten reveals how to fulfil your New Year's resolution for less stress — on any budget

Holidaypedia: I know what you did this summer ...

It's September at last – but what have we learned over the holidays? Here, Deborah Ross reveals all you need to know about the great British break. It may make you glad to be back at work

Spain's tourist trains

Spain's quirky tourist trains provide an atmospheric start to a day out, says Angela Coffill

Homeage to Catalonia

Barcelona makes a superb base from which to turn pilgrim, hop aboard trains and explore the magnificent surrounding region, says Simon Calder

Trains in Spain: Narrow but nice

The metre-gauge trains that run along the green coast of Northern Spain may be small, but they are perfectly formed. Simon Calder rides with the locals, while Ben Ross travels in style on board the luxurious 'El Transcantábrico'