Rhodri Marsden

Rhodri Marsden is the Technology Columnist for The Independent; he has also written about crumpets, Captain Beefheart, rude place names and string. He's also a musician who plays in the band Scritti Politti, and won the under-10 piano category at the 1980 Watford Music Festival by playing a piece called "Silver Trumpets" with verve and aplomb.

Apple users experience the most technological "delight"

Apple is a company whose success has been built on forging an emotional connection with its customers, and judging by Argus Insight’ findings, those customers are much more likely to bang on endlessly about their recent purchases

Improbable ships: From hospitals to nuclear generators

In times of crisis, ships sail to the rescue. For instance, the Greeks have just dealt with an influx of migrants by housing them on a liner. But, from carrying prisoners and nuclear generators to serving as a bases for medical campaigns, such craft have many uses beyond cruising.

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