Why are conspiracy theories so popular?

The speed with which conspiracy theories spread can make them seem typically modern. But, Rob Brotherton, the author of a new study on the mind of the 'truther', says they are as old as thinking itself and tap into our darkest prejudices.

Why sleep could be the key to tackling mental illness

We are only beginning to unravel the genetic and biochemical basis of mental illness – a vague term including conditions as diverse as anxiety, depression, and mood and psychotic disorders. With millions of people suffering from such conditions, it is crucial that we find ways to improve diagnosis and treatment. But an increasing body of scientific evidence is now suggesting that we should turn our attention to one of our most basic functions: sleep.

Making Britain a better place to die

Britain has been declared the best country to die in - yet hospital horror stories are still rife. Lena Corner talks to those who care for the dying and those left behind and discovers what the gentle ethos of hospice care can teach the NHS

What is Crohn's disease?

A Crohn's suffer's hard-hitting Facebook post detailing the reality of living with the disease has brought the "invisible" disease into the spotlight.