Men & Women

A lover's guide to older women

In 1965 he published an explicit book about his sexual experiences across the age divide. As the erotic classic is reprinted, Stephen Vizinczey tells John Walsh why he still believes that every man needs a Mrs Robinson

Don't call us Cougars

They're looking for 'fun and friendship' from younger men, and are found on TV, movies and in a bar near you. The 'C' word has caught on, but not everyone is happy about it, says Susan Daly.

True wife confessions: How women's real-life stories became the new

Shelly writes poignantly about the state of her marriage. Karen blogs shamelessly about her secret life as a serial mistress. Amy reveals all about her adulterous affairs ...Suddenly there are any number of websites devoted to women's real-life confessions. But who uses them, and why?

Byron Rogers: Confessions of an accidental philanderer

Byron Rogers was a harmless magazine journalist in London when a series of sizzling love letters began to land in his in-tray, praising his sexual prowess. There was just one catch – he'd never met any of the women concerned...

The Ten Best Ways for a Woman to Impress a Man

You don't really think I'm going to fall for this, do you. What do you take me for. The 10 best ways a woman can impress a man? You mean like reversing into a tight space? Knowing the offside rule? Firing a semi-automatic weapon? I think I value my life a bit too highly.

The Ten Best Ways for a Man to Impress a Woman

What do women want from men? Oh, not much. Adoration, eternal loyalty, and all the bathroom surfaces to ourselves. Time, babies and the moon on a string. The list could go on forever, and there are probably as many different answers as there are women. But, after scrutinising the opposite sex for an observation period lasting my entire adult life, and consulting with members of my distinguished coven, I have drawn up this list of friendly hints under the working title "George, Don't Do That: but please do this, and this and this".

Confessions of a gold digger

Forget tall, dark and handsome. Even love is an optional extra. What a new breed of woman is really looking for in a man is a nice, fat bank account