Presidential primaries live: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each win three states as Marco Rubio drops out

Another day, another "super" Tuesday

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Five states held their presidential primaries on Tuesday: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio. It was win or go home for Marco Rubio and John Kasich in their home states of Florida and Ohio — in which Rubio was sent home packing while Kasich upset Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

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Welcome to The Independent's coverage of Tuesday's crucial presidential primaries. A lot of big questions will be answered tonight. How many Republican candidates will we lose?
Bing’s #primary predictions: Trump and Clinton will win most states

The first person we spoke to at Donald Trump's rally claimed Obama was Muslim

The IndependentMaggie Prayong was beaming with excitement. She had tweeted to Donald Trump, inviting him to Youngstown, and whether or not it was her invitation that had persuaded him, the tycoon’s plane had just landed and he was about to appear in the flesh. “Hillary Clinton is a Commie, and so is Bernie Sanders,” she said, explaining her support for Mr Trump. “He says what he means, and he means what he says.”
Poll closing times:

Florida: Most polls close at 7 pm EST, but several close at 8 pm EST.
Illinois: Polls close at 8 pm EST
Missouri: Polls close at 8 pm EST
North Carolina: Polls close at 7:30 pm EST
Ohio: Polls close at 7:30 pm EST
A look at polls released ahead of Tuesday's primaries.
Several publications are reporting now that Marco Rubio has said he will stay in the Republican presidential race even if he loses in his home state of Florida. He has had a number of disappointing results up to this point.

Many have already started calling for him to drop out of the race so GOP support can rally around a single candidate. Should Mr Rubio lose in Florida, those calls will only grow.

Donald Trump likens immigrants to a poisonous snake

The IndependentDonald Trump - fighting for a clean sweep on Tuesday in primaries that could  secure him the Republican nomination - likened immigrants to the US to a deadly snake that bites the person who shows it kindness. Speaking in a private hangar at Youngstown airport, the Republican frontrunner underscored his staunch position on immigration, vowing to build one wall along the US border with Mexico to keep Central Americans out, and another one in Syria to keep Isis fighters in.
.@FiveThirtyEight predicts a dominant night for Trump | AP photo

Marco Rubio insists he will win election in Florida

The IndependentIn possibly the last gasp of a campaign that once held all the hopes of Republican Party elders desperate to stop a certain billionaire from New York, Senator Marco Rubio led a final rally in his own Miami neighbourhood, declaring himself confident of victory in Florida’s primary election on Tuesday.
Ben Carson is defending his endorsement of Trump on Twitter by saying Republicans must unify to defeat Clinton.
Any candidate I endorsed would have caused a backlash. My decision was principled and not selfish. We must unify to defeat Clinton.
Marco Rubio's headquarters in Washington DC have been evacuated as a 'powdery substance' has been found in envelopes. More to follow...

Marco Rubio’s Washington headquarters evacuated as ‘white powder' found in envelopes

The IndependentRepublican candidate Marco Rubio’s headquarters in Washington DC have been evacuated as a suspicious white “powder” material was discovered in envelopes. Read more
Marco Rubio's staff have been given the all clear to return to their Washington DC office shortly after they were evacuated due to the discovery of a powdery substance in envelopes.
CNN reports that 39% of people in Ohio are "angry" with federal government, and it's the same in Florida and rises to 40% in North Carolina. That makes a lot of angry people, clamoring for change.
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Steve Kornacki from MSNBC gives some sign where Trump will do well - he has made strong efforts to grow his links with Christian groups...

GOP exits -- Born-again/evangelical Christian?

NC 67%
Missouri 58%
Ohio 52%
Florida 48%
Illinois 43%

— Steve Kornacki (@SteveKornacki)
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Just 25 minutes until the polls close in Florida!

Ohio and North Carolina follow at 7.30pm ET

Illinois, Missouri and Florida are last at 8pm ET
A new study from FiveThirtyEight says things are looking good for Bernie Sanders in seven out of the next eight contests after today.

Ahead of Tuesday's primaries, Republican polls showed Trump leading in Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina. Trump and Ohio Governor Kasich are neck-and-neck in the Buckeye State. Democratic polls show Hillary Clinton leading in all states except for Illinois siding with Bernie Sanders.

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