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Six things I’ve learnt watching Fresh Meat

When Fresh Meat first aired in 2011, I had just gone through the ordeal most commonly known as Fresher’s week. Interested to know how Peep Show creators Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain would portray university life, I at first found Fresh Meat surprisingly realistic... except that university students do work some of the time, but that wouldn’t make for very entertaining television.

50 things to do before you leave university

University is a very special time in your life. There are some incredible opportunities for personal growth. And also for being very, very silly. Studentbeans is all about this (plus, of course, the freebies, discounts and money saving - join now, it's free!) - so they've created this handy list to work through before you leave uni. How many have you already done?

Hitting the high notes

Want to make your mark in the music business? We asked Simon Gavin, head of A&M Records and judge on Channel 4’s Orange unsignedAct with Sony Ericsson, for his tips on getting to the top.

Short films – big prizes

Youth initiative Ctrl.Alt.Shift is running a fantastic competition for young filmmakers to work with some of the most inspiring contemporary names in film and music.

Interview: Danny Wallace

Having done his first work placement at 13, Danny Wallace has always had a plan. Now an author and presenter, he talks to Dan Poole about his education and career so far

Festivals for free

There are still ways of getting to see your favourite bands at this summer’s festivals if you are willing to work for it.

Film review: Lions for lambs

America’s War on Terror is the thorny issue at stake here in a film which uses its various plot strands to take on American foreign policy, a celebrity-obsessed media and the apathy of youth in American society.