Plasticine-faced, jug-eared and ... so sexy

He's revived the restless Reggie Perrin on our TV screens, but this unlikely ladykiller and 'luvvie farmer' admits to being smugly satisfied in real life. Rachel Shields meets Martin Clunes.

Dawn French autobiography named "best audiobook of the year"

For years, her unique brand of comedy has brought belly laughs to a nation of fans. Now, "Dear Fatty", the autobiography of Dawn French has been voted the best audiobook of the year by a panel of experts, who described the work as "pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes".

Can you dig it? The easy alternative to clearing an overgrown

I am a black-plastic convert. It's been a slow process. When I first took over my allotment last autumn I had very different ideas: walking around for the first time with Jane, my new allotment chief, I was proudly shown how she had covered her entire plot in black polypropylene sheeting. "You can buy it from the garden centre up on the A40," she enthused.

Rowing: Light Blues can ride white horses to victory

The Boat Race once again looks like being a contest of power versus grace. Oxford, a shade under the weight of the heaviest crew on record, bat along through the waves and chuck a lot of water about. Cambridge ride the surface – the substitution of Ryan Monaghan for Shane O'Mara in the stroke seat on Wednesday night has not ruptured their rhythm. This could favour the Dark Blues in calm water and the Light Blues, who are not significantly lighter, in rough conditions over the championship course of four-and-a-quarter miles. They performed a brilliant start in waves yesterday.