Poll: Findus horsemeat lasagne offered at £70 on eBay, but how much

Would you gobble it for the taste? Or keep it frozen as a portion of British history? Followers of the horsemeat scandal now have the chance to make that decision in their own kitchen as listings have appeared on auction-site eBay offering "limited edition" Findus lasagne - for the sum of £70.

A guide for potential immigrants to the worst parts of UK culture

Sourpuss MPs concerned by a possible flood of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants in 2014 are considering a negative ad campaign to put citizens in the East European countries off a move to Britain. They hope to divert would-be migrants to other European countries, or convince them to stay at home, and don't mind airing the UK's dirty laundry in the process. Travel? Terrible. Sun? No sir. Jobs? Not here. But their list of stains on the national reputation is far from exhaustive, so we've thought up a few more.

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Humour: Wild horses couldn't have stopped these jokers

There's nothing like a food scandal to get people laughing themselves horse, if this week's mane event anything to go by. Despite thinking on the hoof, Britain's punners weren't afraid to flog a dead horse in a bid for jokes. Here are some of the thoroughbreds...