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The queen of Indian cooking, Anjum Anand, shares her personal selection of some of the country’s most authentic recipes from Persian cooking to the street food of Delhi

Oodles of noodles: Britain prefers Chinese to curry

Forget chicken tikka masala. Chinese food is the most popular ethnic cuisine, according to new research that suggests Britain's immense enthusiasm for foreign cooking is marching eastwards across Asia.

Trishna, 15-17 Blandford Street, London W1

Trishna is a clever name for an Anglo-Indian restaurant, since it skilfully conflates Krishna, the Hindu deity, and Trisha, the state-of-England, daytime-TV, chavs-in-a-pickle show. But when you first clap eyes on its graceful double-frontage, it's so far from the Indian stereotype, you wonder if you've come to the right place. The décor is minimal, like a chic Chelsea schoolroom: whitewashed walls, pale grey-green wooden slats like the backdrop of a Hammershoi painting, wood and marble flooring, chrome lamps, gleaming glassware. It's marvellously fresh and clean looking. Of flock wallpaper, pictures of Bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai and the whiff of fenugreek, there was no sight (or trace) at all.