The Only Way is Marbella

Back in the Fifties, the Spanish resort was a magnet for movie stars. These days, it's full of reality TV stars with money – and bare flesh – to burn

Mass corruption trial opens

Ninety-five defendants, including two former mayors, packed a court in the southern Spanish city of Malaga yesterday for the opening of one of Spain's biggest corruption trials.

Chris Haney: Co-creator of Trivial Pursuit

A 1979 game of Scrabble led Chris Haney, picture editor of the Montreal Gazette, and his friend Scott Abbott, a sports journalist with the Canadian Press news agency, to come up with their own board game. Trivial Pursuit, launched two years later, was described by Time magazine as "the biggest phenomenon in game history".

Surgeon jailed over death of First Lady

The conviction of a Spanish plastic surgeon has finally cleared up the mysterious death of Nigeria's former First Lady four years ago at an exclusive Mediterranean clinic.