Max Mosley

The Week In Radio: High and low notes with the Mozart of Madras

Where would radio be, without the probing interview? Television may grab the headlines, as exemplified recently in a fabulous retrospective of John Freeman by Sue MacGregor, by making politicians cry or asking them the same question 14 times. But radio has the talent, intelligence and above all the time to make windows in men's souls. It's the intimacy of the radio studio that draws out the lurking childhood misery or the tension between the public and the private face. Which was why I lamented the demise of In the Psychiatrist's Chair and why I'll also miss On the Ropes, which is being axed in October on Radio 4 to make way for more science.

Mr Justice Eady to be replaced as senior judge on libel and privacy

Mr Justice Eady, whose rulings form much of the backbone of UK privacy law, is to hand over responsibility for defamation and privacy cases. From the beginning of October, his role as the senior media judge in England and Wales will be inherited by Mr Justice Tugendhat.

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Briatore strikes deal to allow his return to F1

Former Renault team principal Flavio Briatore and his partner-in-crime Pat Symonds, who were thrown out of Formula One for rigging the result of the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, could return to the sport in less than three years after reaching a settlement yesterday with the sport's governing body, the FIA.