My Edinburgh: Dan Skinner on the wonderful, glorious, unholy mess that

The Edinburgh festival is like the Death Star. You can try and escape, but you are eventually, inevitably, dragged back in by its powerful magnetic force. I am preparing to ‘go up’ again, to use the industry parlance. I decided two years ago that I wouldn’t for a good long while, but I went up last year as a punter and I’m going up again this year to perform in a show called Classic Entertainment Starring Mr Winchester and Tommy! Since you’re asking. It’s on at The Pleasance at 8.20. Since you’re asking.

Classical review: Prom 18, Wagner, Siegfried, Daniel Barenboim, Berlin

The Proms’ Ring has reached episode three: Siegfried, the one where a fearless beefcake falls in love with his aunt. After the incestuous passions of Die Walküre it doesn’t seem so risqué. Its five-hour span moves from darkest foreboding to love music intense almost to the point of insanity, which Justin Way’s semi-staging matched by flooding the whole auditorium with pinky-gold light.

Ockham's Razor, Platform Theatre, London

Ockham’s Razor’s aerial performance on the opening night of London International Mime Festival sets out to explore the idea of being lost and visual tales about trust and identity are the happy results.

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