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The ultimate insult for Clarkson: His view's been ruined by a

It is a development that will be savoured by environmentalists. Jeremy Clarkson, patron saint of petrol heads and serial denouncer of "eco-mentalists", can look forward to a recycling depot being built within a Lamborghini Murcielago's braking distance of his country home.

Will the home library survive the surge of the e-book?

"I've not actually read any of them. I just love the bindings." So said the actress Davinia Taylor earlier this year when she decided to put her house on the market – complete with its carefully-sourced collection of classic books. Rarely removed from their perch on a bookcase in the living room, their primary purpose was to disguise Taylor's walk-in fridge. And so, with the fridge no longer destined to be a feature in her life, the books were deemed redundant.

Joan Smith: Can't be too thin? Oh yes you can

When Samantha Cameron was pictured looking sombre during a show at London Fashion Week, insiders hastily explained that it's not the done thing to reveal emotion when you're sitting in the front row. A more obvious explanation for SamCam's expression is that she couldn't believe her eyes as the Swedish model Chloe Memisevic glided down the catwalk, looking like a woman who is barely acquainted with the concept of a proper meal. Apparently Memisevic is hugely in demand by labels such as Erdem, and that's more important than that she looks malnourished.

Why Britannia wasn't so cool for Michelle

When Michelle Obama chose to wear an Alexander McQueen gown to a state dinner in honour of Chinese president Hu Jintao last week, she was presumably unaware of the controversy such a gesture might spark.

London fashion honours new stars – and some old ones

There was only one label to be seen in at last night's British Fashion Awards and it's a name that was at the heart of the event. Lee Alexander McQueen, who died last February, was London's brightest talent and guests were arrayed in some of the brand's most flamboyant creations as they gathered at The Savoy for the ceremony.

The killer heels that will save lives

For every child who dies of a preventable disease in an industrialized country, more than 2,000 children will die in developing countries such as Africa and India.

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No dramas, but assured speech steadies party

It failed to enthuse the public at the general election and Tory party workers admit it "bombed" on the doorstep. But yesterday David Cameron attempted to explain again his vision of a "big society" as he prepared the country for the pain of spending cuts in his first speech to the Conservative Party conference as Prime Minister. He suggested that the sacrifices needed to cut the £155 bn deficit would be rewarded with tax cuts before the next election.

Cameron's Big Society grows by one

It was one job that Nick Clegg could not deputise for. In one of the more surprising interruptions to a family holiday, David Cameron was at his wife's side in a Cornish hospital last night after she gave birth to the couple's fourth child yesterday.