Good to go... Tirol, narrowboats, Dubai

The Austrian Tirol transforms into a picture of edelweiss-dotted pastures once the snow has melted. And if hiking boots are more your thing than skis, consider VJV's "Going Going Tirol" break: £675 per person grants you a seven-night stay with breakfast in the town of Going at the four-star Dorfhotel Schnablwirt, a traditional hotel complete with sauna and steam room. Also included is return airfare departing on 22 May from Heathrow.

Full steam Ahead: The sauna has become the latest must-have for

There's something about a home sauna that conjures up an era of prawn cocktails, swirly carpets and suburban swingers. Quite why it is that these innocent Nordic heated cabins should inspire such Seventies connotations is a mystery. Of course, there are "those" sorts of saunas – open late in backstreets – but surely we've all been to enough gyms and spas for a post-workout muscle relax, in a no-hint-of-slap-and-tickle environment, to overcome the giggly reactions?

Get fitter, the lazy way

Forget crash diets and ambitious gym regimes – making a few small changes can make a really big difference to your health in 2011. Kate Hilpern reports

Cold swimming: Come on in, the water's icy

You don't have to be mad to enjoy a dip in winter. Despite sub-zero temperatures that leave even the hardiest of athletes numb, Jenny Landreth discovers why cold swimming is a life-affirming experience

Organisers make heavy going of boxers' weigh-in

There was a good deal of outrage and much throwing of weight around as the Commonwealth Games action got under way yesterday. The trouble was, when it came to the pre-tournament formalities in boxing, the weight was all a bit imprecise. The official weigh-in descended into farce and ultimately into postponement after fighters were told they were up to two kilograms heavier than they actually were.

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World sauna contest ends as contestant dies in 110C room

A Russian man trying to win the Sauna World Championships died after collapsing with severe burns in the final stage of an event that required contestants to sit in a 110C room as water was tossed on to a searing stove, officials and witnesses said.

Five-star style: Get some inspiration from a hotbed of new trends -

Artful clutter, a super-size bed and a deep free-standing bath – elements which, one might think, could give a good hotel a "homely" air. Not according to Patrick Goff, who ran an award-winning hotel design practice for 25 years before setting up, an online industry resource: "When a designer talks about a hotel being 'homely'," he says, "he's lying. He's talking about a kind of theatrical, Disneyland 'homely' – not what you actually get at home."

2009 draws to close with hugs, gunfire and a blue moon

The new decade and the new year were ushered in around the world with spectacular fireworks displays, heightened security measures and a blue moon. Spontaneous hugging broke out in Tokyo, hundreds of Filipinos were hurt by celebratory firecrackers and gunfire, while revellers in Venice struggled to keep their feet dry as the New Year came in with a high tide.