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Social Science

Woman Raised By Monkeys, National Geographic: Review - an incredible

In April of this year, Marina Chapman, a sixtysomething grandmother from Bradford, published an autobiography in which she made an astonishing claim. She said she had been kidnapped from her family home in Colombia at the age of five and abandoned in the jungle, where she was taken in and raised by a group of capuchin monkeys. Instead of just smiling and nodding politely, like many of the Breakfast TV interviewers did, National Geographic made Woman Raised By Monkeys, a documentary in which their cameras accompanied Marina on a trip to Colombia and attempted to investigate the veracity of her claims.

Luis Suarez racism hearing underway

The Football Association have today begun the disciplinary hearing into claims that Liverpool striker Luis Suarez racially abused Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

The Angel Esmerelda: Nine Stories, By Don DeLillo

Don DeLillo published his first short story in 1960, two years after graduating from Fordham University. He was working as a copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather, a leading Manhattan advertising agency, on the Sears Roebuck account. On the side, like the pipe-smoking copywriter Paul Kinsey in Mad Men, DeLillo began to publish short stories. In a career lasting half a century he has published 16 novels, beginning with Americana in 1971, but only 20 stories. The Angel Esmeralda collects nine, from "Creation" in 1979 to "The Starveling", which appears in the autumn 2011 Granta.