Tamsin Greig

Reboot for Will Adamsdale's PC play

There's something special about Will Adamsdale's shows. Sum them up in a phrase – a lecture from a motivational speaker with a taste for the surreal (the Perrier Award-winning Jackson's Way); the tale of harried office drone who retreats to live with his possessions in a 5ft-square storage container (The Receipt); an exploration of computers by someone who knows nothing about them (The Human Computer) – and they sound appealingly quirky. But it doesn't really do justice to their Gogol-style blend of absurdist theatre and character-comedy belly laughs that leaves audiences both elated and exhausted.

Going Postal with Terry Pratchett

The Discworld author talks about a new television adaptation of "Going Postal," the problems power brings, and the impossibility of living in a world when he isn't writing a book. Matilda Battersby reports.

Stand-up Dylan Moran takes on the world

What do you do when you hate celebrity, advertising, technology and interviews? Start telling it like it is, says the Black Books star on the eve of his tour