Wigmore Hall

How We Met: Ron Arad & Steven Isserlis

I met Steven through Pauline, his late wife. He was a young musical prodigy and initially we did lots of competitive wisecracking, but over time the relationship evolved into something else, and the conversations deepened.

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Monkemeyer/Rimmer, Wigmore Hall

Orchestral musicians are very like squaddies and schoolchildren, most notably in their penchant for ya-boo jokes: witness their puerile digs about the poor sods who play that instrumental Cinderella, the viola.

Independent Classical: Jeannette Sorrell

Apollo's Fire - a tireless front-runner among America's finest Baroque orchestras - is set to make its first transatlantic tour culminating in a concert at London's Wigmore Hall on 30th November 2010. Fire and Folly is the title of its European tour programme and typical of this dynamic group represents a themed collection of pieces designed to offer a lively perspective on the prevailing musical styles of 18th century Europe.