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Yevgeny Sudbin, Wigmore Hall, review: 'Majestic'

It’s always good when a recitalist bucks convention, and so it was with the Russian pianist Yevgeny Sudbin at the Wigmore. Not only did he write his own (illuminating) programme notes, he also included an arrangement he had made of the unfinished “Lacrimosa” from Mozart’s Requiem. And this – short though it was – might have been arranged by the great Busoni, so majestic was its tone and texture.

Sophie Bevan: Born to sing

Fast-rising soprano Sophie Bevan comes from a family of eight musical children and an extended musical family of 60. Ahead of her landmark solo recital tonight, she talks to Jessica Duchen

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Monkemeyer/Rimmer, Wigmore Hall

Orchestral musicians are very like squaddies and schoolchildren, most notably in their penchant for ya-boo jokes: witness their puerile digs about the poor sods who play that instrumental Cinderella, the viola.

Independent Classical: Jeannette Sorrell

Apollo's Fire - a tireless front-runner among America's finest Baroque orchestras - is set to make its first transatlantic tour culminating in a concert at London's Wigmore Hall on 30th November 2010. Fire and Folly is the title of its European tour programme and typical of this dynamic group represents a themed collection of pieces designed to offer a lively perspective on the prevailing musical styles of 18th century Europe.