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NOS Alive, Lisbon, festival review

Radiohead and Arcade Fire rarely perform, but NOS Alive brought both mega bands to the stage to celebrate the festival's 10th birthday

Orlando Seale and The Swell

Actor and musician Orlando Seale has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, had roles in independent and Hollywood films (Sleepy Hollow, Pride & Prejudice) and toured with his improvisation and clown company. His first foray into feature films came when Kenneth Branagh handpicked Seale to be his understudy in the Academy Award-nominated adaptation of Hamlet. The worlds of music and acting collided when he played lead Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott in Hysteria – The Def Leppard Story. He fronts his post-punk inspired band Orlando Seale and The Swell, describing the music as “euphoric doom” or “dance funeral music”. “It’s sort of a joke really but what I mean by that is that even though the subject matter is sometimes a bit bleak the shows are anything but.”