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The UK economy seems to be in a period of very slow growth or possibly even stagnation. At the same time, the Government is repeatedly reminding us that smaller businesses will be the engines of growth and job creation in the recovery.

Speech and language therapy: Help children, dementia sufferers and

By the end of today, John Bercow, the former Speaker of the House of Commons and MP for Buckingham, may find himself unemployed. Traditionally, the Speaker's seat is uncontested but Bercow, a controversial figure for many MPs, is facing a range of opponents in today's general election. Before he became Speaker in June 2009, few outside Westminster knew of Bercow; few, that is, other than the UK's 11,500 practising speech and language therapists (SLTs). Indeed, should Bercow find himself on the wrong side of the count tonight, he can take comfort from the fact that, in this small and female-dominated segment of the health service, the Bercow Review lives on.

The rise of homes on high

A stunning 36-storey tower is just one of the new developments transforming the capital's skyline. Gwenda Brophy reports

Elizabeth Eames: Influential, widely published archaeologist whose

In 1949 Elizabeth Eames became Special Acting Assistant Keeper in the Department of British and Medieval Antiquities in the British Museum. She had been appointed to unwrap and catalogue the department's collections, which had been sent away to safe places for the duration of the Second World War. But before long she was invited to work on the collection of medieval floor-tiles that the trustees had acquired, with a grant from the National Art Collections Fund from the Duke of Rutland in April 1947 to augment the not inconsiderable collection already in the museum.

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