Hampstead Heath

Colin Wilson: Eternal outsider

For ambitious would-be authors, the life of Colin Wilson presents itself as a cautionary tale. Here, Terence Blacker explains where the self-proclaimed genius went wrong

William Tillyer Season: Part One -The Prints, Bernard Jacobson

Does the print-maker who gropes around down in the basement deserve to be the poor, neglected cousin of that esteemed society painter up in the light-filled, ground-floor studio space? In short, are prints always journeys on the road to somewhere more important? Not at all. Think of the great prints made by Goya and Rembrandt, for example. The best of these were in no way inferior to their paintings.

Splashing out: Getting down to the bare essentials in the Baltic Sea

I am stark naked. On the edge of a northern sea. In the depths of winter. It is, unsurprisingly, freezing. The body of water beside which I am shivering and goose pimpled is the Baltic. Or at least it's where the Baltic ends and merges with the North Sea, on that stretch of grey, flat water bisecting the coasts of Denmark and Sweden: the Oresund. To the north, on the opposite shore, are the battlements of Elsinore, where Hamlet fought with insanity. Here in Malmö , in the south of Sweden, I'm beginning to doubt my own state of mind. What was it about going swimming at this time of year that seemed like a good idea? And in chilly Scandinavia, at that?