Heavy Metal

Portfolio: John Resborn

Eccentric toilet, Love Me Butch, Burgerkill… the names of the bands on the CD that accompanies siblings John and Lena Resborn's underground-music journey through Southeast Asia might sound juvenilely abstruse– but the bands themselves are deadly serious.

Chris Pea Green reveals his true colours to enter Triumph picture

It would be gratifying if the bookmakers were made to regret a rather snooty response to what looked a perfectly legitimate trial for the JCB Triumph Hurdle at Huntingdon. For they would certainly have shown greater respect had any among his victims, hailing from more fashionable yards, happened to win the 32Red Chatteris Fen Hurdle in the same style as Chris Pea Green. As it was, they appear to have decided that he was merely exploiting a collective failure to run to form, and still offer 33-1 for Cheltenham next month.

Jimmy Savile: He fixed it for them – the guys and gals (and grandma)

For 19 years, Jimmy Savile dominated Saturday afternoon television with 'Jim'll Fix It' in which he enabled a select number of children to fulfil their dreams, no matter how bizarre they were. To celebrate his life, James Waterson tracks down those who had their wishes realised and revisits some of the show's most memorable moments

Album: Boris, Smile (Southern Lord)

For a band that’s managed to turn the world of heavy rock on its head, it would be foolish to dismiss Japanese trio Boris as mere noise goblins. That they create a cacophony of ferocious, volatile sounds that is the aural equivalent of drowning in white light is true enough. Track "Laser Beam" with its classicgrunge blueprint speed up to gabba proportions proves as much. But there’s still great subtlety to be found here. "Flower Sun Rain" is melancholic and resplendent, romantic almost, while "My Neighbor Satan", although caustic in places, is equally as thoughtful. ‘Smile’ may burst your eardrums but it’s worth the mild tinnitus.