Jeremy Paxman

Jurassic World: What would you like to see in the Jurassic Park

The monstrously successful Jurassic Park series is to be brought back to life (again). Universal Pictures are planning another instalment of dinosaur-based carnage in the fourth sequel, Jurassic World, which will premiere in 2015.

No plot details have been announced at this stage (though the new film will show in 3D), and this blank slate has encouraged us to get in early with a few suggestions for any reading Hollywood executives (you're welcome, Mr Spielberg). Please leave more ideas in the comments - but keep it bitey, and no totally implausible pseudo-science.

Keeping the seat of power comfy: Prince Charles and his favourite

It will come as a relief to readers that Prince Charles’s bottom, the very one due to sit – one day – on the nation’s throne, has its own special cushion. According to the The Mail on Sunday, when the Prince arrived at Kensington Palace by helicopter (natch) last week, one of his bodyguards followed him out carrying “his favourite embroidered silk cushion”, which was then passed to his chauffeur.

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