Noel Coward

New biography records the day John Osborne was chased by an angry mob

John Osborne, the writer of 'Look Back in Anger' and 'The Entertainer', was hailed as Britain's most provocative playwright. But, as this extract from a new biography by Peter Whitebrook reveals, his first and only musical was such a disaster that after the opening night, he was chased up Charing Cross Road by an angry mob - and fled to France soon after

Back on stage, the forgotten Rattigan

His reputation languished after the arrival of the Angry Young Men in the 1950s. But the National Theatre's production of 'After The Dance' promises to right a theatrical wrong, says Paul Taylor

Opening Doors And Windows, By James Roose-Evans

The theatre world is littered with self-styled gurus and shamans, but it is rare to find a director who is also an Anglican priest. In this charming and insightful memoir, 82-year-old James Roose-Evans takes us on a spiritual and creative journey from his literally tortured adolescence (he was prone to self-flagellation) to the twin heights of ordination in Hereford cathedral and Broadway success.