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Oscar Wilde

Pleasure Bound: Victorian Sex Rebels and the New Eroticism, By Deborah

At the outset, the American academic Deborah Lutz describes the impetus of this book in terms of the following question: "If we could be young sexual innovators and deviants out for action in Victorian London, how might that feel?" A snap response might be that, in terms of English usage, we couldn't possibly feel "out for action", a much more recent coinage. Pleasure Bound moves on to give us snapshots of 19th-century specimens of debauched and sexually outré behaviour – which means, in practice, all the usual suspects. The Pre-Raphaelites, Algernon Swinburne, Henry Spencer Ashbee, Richard Burton, Oscar Wilde are present and incorrect.

New play sheds light on Oscar Wilde's secret trysts

It was a balmy evening on 27 September 1894 when two men appeared at the front door of the Albion Hotel in Brighton and asked if they could rent a room. One was a young newspaper seller from Worthing named Alfonso Conway. His companion was Oscar Wilde.

1065 and all that: Dave's Book of Dates

David Cameron has been criticised for a string of factual errors – from the date the US entered the Second World War to Iran's nuclear capability. David Randall imagines how the PM might tell the story of the past 2,000 years

Free Independent drama: Death In Genoa, featuring Simon Callow as

In the week of the 109th anniversary of Oscar Wilde’s death, The Independent is giving you an exclusive chance to listen to and download a new drama by Made in Manchester/Dark Smile, written by Thomas Wright, about the 19th Century writer, wit and raconteur.

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Album: Strauss, Salome – Bullock et al (CHANDOS)

Sung in Tom Hammond's English translation, Richard Strauss's setting of Oscar Wilde's play comes over with authority, due to Susan Bullock's perfect traversal of the heroine's innocence-to-depravity arc and conductor Charles Mackerras's placing of the score as refined voluptuousness with some kicks along the way.