Pablo Picasso

Art review: Sir Robert Walpole collection, Houghton Hall, Norfolk

This is a story about making amends for cultural asset-stripping in the grand style. A little over three hundred years ago, the debt-ridden grandson of Sir Robert Walpole, England's first Prime Minister, sold off to Catherine the Great of Russia the great art collection amassed by his grandfather.

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Becoming Picasso, Courtauld Gallery, London

The Courtauld Gallery, which has brought us a succession of tightl focused small exhibitions in recent years, has come up with another real stunner. Becoming Picasso is the story of the Spanish painter’s arrival – brash, determined and hungry for the bohemian life – in the French capital in 1901.

Picasso helps baby see the big picture

A few years ago now, former Goldman Sachs employee-turned-venture-philanthropist Yana Peel noticed that her toddler son had become fascinated by a piece of art hanging in the family home. Sara Walking, by Julian Opie, the artist who found widespread acclaim after designing the cover art for Blur: The Best Of, featured a traffic light-like outline of a woman doing precisely what its title suggested: walking.