Pippa Middleton

The Mikado, Coliseum, London

Little did we realise, when Jonathan Miller unveiled his Art Deco "Mikado" in 1986, that the production would run as long as it has, or that it would be so influential: many shows have paid homage to the heady blend of direction, design, costumes, and choreography achieved by Miller, Stefanos Lazaridis, Sue Blane, and Anthony van Laast.

Today's the day for new blood in the radio programme's editor's chair

The names of the guest editors lined up for Radio 4's Today show were released today. Between 27 December and New Year's Day, the 6am to 9am slot will be in the hands of the Nobel prize-winning geneticist Sir Paul Nurse, journalist Dame Ann Leslie, comedian Al Murray, poet Benjamin Zephaniah and the US philanthropist Melinda Gates, wife of Bill.

Relationships: All the single ladies... put your defences up

News that Jennifer Aniston is to marry Justin Theroux will have sent shockwaves through the celebrity magazine market. After all, who is going to be their "go-to" girl when they want to write about "unhappy", single females? Here are the front-runners:

Matthew Bell: There's something peculiar about Pippa...

There are two reasons why the night of 25 September 2008 stays fresh in my mind. Amy Winehouse is one, Pippa Middleton the other. It was the night of the Berkeley Square Ball, one of those ludicrous so-called fund-raising events, so lavish you wonder why they don't just give the money straight to charity.

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Diary: Cameron bonds with Bear

Bear Grylls and Dave Cameron, fellow Old Etonians – and, like myself, thriving survivors of Boarding School Syndrome – were recently introduced, Grylls tells me at a screening of his new Discovery Channel series Born Survivor. "He was cool, actually," said Grylls with an admirably straight face. "He's got a real presence about him. Politics aside, I thought he was great. Actually not even politics aside: I think his politics are great!"