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First look: Cover for new James Bond novel, Solo

You might be forgiven for mistaking the cover of the new James Bond novel, Solo, for something relating to another well-loved long-running franchise in the process of being rebooted: Star Wars (although the novel has nothing to do with Hans Solo, obviously).

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Film review: Populaire - You need more than 140 words per minute to

The publicity for Populaire is selling it as "Mad Men meets The Artist", and you can see where it's coming from. Brylcreem, sharp suits and cigarettes by the truckload? Check. Feelgood French tribute to the cinema of a bygone era? Check. But it would be just as appropriate to compare Populaire to every film ever made about somebody competing in a contest, from The Karate Kid to Pitch Perfect.

Theatre review: Pastoral, Soho Theatre, London

Thomas Eccleshare’s first play won the 2011 Verity Bargate award, so named in honour of the Soho’s founding co-director, and it arrives in London from a season at the High Tide Festival in Halesworth, Suffolk (where I saw it), full of bleak poetry and hilarious stage action.