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Here's an autumn trend you can get to grips with early: the classic smoky eye. Dior’s new three-colour palette contains a nourishing base to prep the eyelid, plus two shades of shadow - onematte for a simple and stark smoky look and one iridescent for when the dress code calls for a bit of disco. And to top it off there’s a long-wearing liner, which is just the thing for bringing out your more feline attributes. Out 16 August, £32, available nationwide

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New make-up brand Mii launched in March to the sound of gasps from beauty fans. Blending the expertise of trained professionals with the needs of salon and spa devotees – who were questioned rigorously during the development stages – the line incorporates all the classic basics needed to create a flawless but natural look. One of the heroes of the line is the Luminous Tinted Moisturiser, which contains an SPF15, and, brilliantly, negates the need for heavy foundation during the clammy season. £16.50, Mii, 0845 217 1360

After downpour, does anyone still fancy a ticket for Glastonbury?

Rain-hardy revellers, with Hunter wellies, colourful hats, slick waterproofs and a constitution primed for four sleepless nights, began to arrive yesterday at Worthy Farm, Somerset, for the annual Glastonbury festival. And it promises to be a damper affair than the sky-high temperatures that scorched festival-goers last year.

The Week in Radio: Could Radio 4 learn from Tinie Tempah?

If the BBC Trust is serious about wresting the young and ethnic minorities away from their existing radio choices and on to Radio 4, it should perhaps get in touch with Brits winner Tinie Tempah. On paper, he already sounds like the archetypal Radio 4 listener. "He was passionate about English and Shakespeare," enthused his school teacher. "He was the only person I knew who looked forward to National Poetry Day." Unfortunately for the Trust, the 22-year-old from Peckham who has risen to be Britain's foremost rapper seems entirely resistant to social engineering and loyal to Radio 1Xtra.

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Julie Burchill: Say goodbye to the Enlightenment. We are living in the

They call him THE GOATSUCKER. Or rather they did. Because the chupacabra – a fearsome monster first spotted in 1995, who according to the Fortean Times, is the third most famous mythical beast after Bigfoot and Nessie (which sounds like an R&B producer duo about to open shop with Tinie Tempah) – has recently been revealed as a hoax by the other, smarter FT.