We spoke to Martin Scorsese about life's biggest questions

It's telling, perhaps damning, that a Martin Scorsese film now feels like an audacity. With tentpole movies reliably and surgically extracting billions from the box office, funding a drama by arguably Hollywood's biggest director is now something to scratch chins and underline scripts over with uncertainty.* His most recent film, Silence, eventually came into existence after 26 years of toil on Scorsese's behalf, during which, he tells me, he was even asked to give up on the project by his agents and managers.

Wilco interview: 'We're pretty good at managing our mental health'

“He's the bearer of a populist message but unfortunately he is a complete buffoon,” says Wilco frontman, Jeff Tweedy, as he reflects on the unavoidable topic of the recent presidential election in his country. Wilco campaigned for Obama in previous elections and the band even ended up on the President’s handpicked Spotify playlist, not something they are likely to find happening with Donald Trump. “Perhaps he's amoral, I don't know, but he's certainly not guided by any of the same things that guide normal humans.”