Romance & Passion

My funny Valentine: Do opposites really attract?

A mathematician for whom an artistic other half added up to a whole. A butcher whose meat is one veggie. A Labourite whipped into shape by a Tory. And a Christian who believes in an Atheist.

Romance: Close up and personal

Usually David Beckham's busy ogling cheerleaders at LA Lakers games, so it's nice to see him focusing on his wife instead.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover...

So Chris Huhne - the cad! - broke up with his wife halfway through a World Cup match. But at least he didn't do it by fax. Charlie Cooper chronicles the splits of shame

My Virtual Valentine

Handwritten letters are the exception rather than the rule for modern romantics. But can an e-card or text satisfy your tweet-heart? Alice-Azania Jarvis on how to say 'i luv u'

The ten best Valentine's Day gifts for men

From champagne and chocolates to the latest gadgets, show the love of your life how much you care this Valentine’s Day with one of these perfect presents...

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The ten best Valentine's Day gifts for her

Whether you’re planning a surprise getaway or a romantic evening at home, we have some clever suggestions that are sure to please this Valentine’s Day...

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Love on the brain

Butterflies in the stomach...The pain of a broken heart...They are staples of romantic fiction. But what does science have to say?

Great lovers: Heights of passion - Part two, N-Z

What causes some relationships to echo through the ages? Their joy? Their intensity? Their resilience? Or their triumph against the odds? Ariane Sherine concludes our two-day celebration of true romance by choosing 25 more couples who, in different ways, embody the power of love

Great lovers: A celebration of true romance

There is romance - and then there is the kind of all-consuming passion that passes into romantic legend. In the first part of a two-day Valentine celebration, John Walsh and Ariane Sherine pay tribute to 50 special relationships that still warm the heart.

Why washing may hamper your attractiveness

A natural chemical found in the sweat of men has been shown to act as a primitive love potion that increases their attractiveness in the eyes of women, a study has found.

Love, honour – and annoy

For Slavica Ecclestone it was his long hours; for Jennifer Aniston, his constant Twittering. Hannah Betts winkles out the ugly truth behind 'unreasonable behaviour'

The Ten Best Romantic Gifts

For some, nothing but the best that money can buy is good enough for their loved one. This choice of lavish gifts should satisfy even the most extravagant passion