Adrian Chiles

Julie Burchill: Gay man lays into women, fine. But when it's the other

My husband claims that it was I who coined the line about Stephen Fry that he is "a stupid person's idea of a clever person". And if I weren't a sober person's idea of a booze-addled person, I might be more useful in remembering whether this is true or not. Whatever, it's pretty damn good.

Diary: Anna in from the cold

Nobody since Gorbachev has done as much to heat up relations between East and West as Anna Chapman, the saucy spy who last week stripped to her undies for the cover of Maxim's Russian edition. And Gorbachev's family, it turns out, is aware of Ms Chapman's work. "My husband reads Maxim," Gorbachev's fashion journalist granddaughter Anastasia told me yesterday, "so I'm used to seeing the magazine around the house."

Christine Bleakley signs for ITV

TV presenter Christine Bleakley is looking forward to working with her "old friend" Adrian Chiles again after it was announced she has signed a deal to move to ITV.

ITV sacks pundit over World Cup beer stunt

ITV's World Cup took another turn for the worse yesterday when one of its pundits, Robbie Earle, was fired for selling a batch of match tickets which were allegedly used by a beer company in a marketing exercise.

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Pandora: Tony Blair will go to the ball

Much tittering in the publishing industry last week, following the news that a certain Icelandic volcano had rendered Tony Blair (plus tan) unable to return from the Middle East. Not only was he due to join the Labour Party on the campaign trail, but he was to be thrown a no-expense-spared do at the London Book Fair by his publishers, Random House, in order to meet and greet industry figures. Unable to cancel the event, the champagne and canapés had to be passed around without him.

Pandora: Flatley lords it again

It might, as they say, be best to sit down. Michael Flatley – Irish jigster, sometime holder of the world record for taps per second, all too easily confused with Mick Hucknall – is making a comeback. More than that: he plans to rejoin Lord Of The Dance, the multimillion-pound tap-dancing monolith he founded in 1996.