Alan Carr

Why I gave up smoking

After countless efforts to quit, ardent smoker Lynne Wallis gave up for good at 47. So what finally worked for her? Well, a lung cancer scare helped...

For the record: 15/02/2010

This isn’t just a kind of fad from someone who’s interested in’s not discretionary.” Peter Horrocks, BBC Head of Global News, gives warning to the corporation’s journalists that they should engage with social media.

Pandora: Kilfoyle: I gave Geoff his 'Buff Hoon' nickname

For years it has tormented him and delighted opponents. With Geoff Hoon back in the spotlight, so his unflattering nickname, "Buff Hoon", has once again sprung to the fore. And now, it appears the origin of the former cabinet minister's moniker has been found.

Women on TV: Laugh for the ladies

Why don't women find women on TV funny? Lynne Parker, who runs the Funny Women Awards, explores the current state of comedy programmes and asks why women have a harder time than men

Celebrity memoirs: Black eyes and Rohypnol in the latest crop of

Sometimes I envy the other contributors to these pages. They get to salute the heroes in their field, to bestow garlands upon the best and the finest that the bookshops of England can offer – and to acquire an armful of volumes that would grace the shelves of any reading person. I'm more like the Dynorod man. I roll up a sleeve, dip an arm into the slimy feculence of the celeb memoir business and yank out the ghost-written, self-indulgent, self-aggrandising effluvia of a ghastly gang of cash-randy showbiz egotists. I'd give it up – tell the editor to stuff it and give the gig to Marina Warner – if only I didn't like doing it so very much.

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