Where did it go? Australian scientists un-discover phantom Pacific

It is every explorer’s wish to discover unmapped territory – but few expect to undiscover territory that is already mapped. That is what happened to a team of Australian scientists who found themselves sailing through what appeared on charts as a large island during a research trip in the South Pacific.

On the top of the world

Jon Rafman's new exhibition is dedicated to odd Google Street View photographs. Is he a pioneer or a plagiarist? Tim Walker finds out

Album: Punkt, Crime Scenes (Jazzland)

Composers / programmers / producers Erik Honore and Jan Bang, who assisted Arve Henriksen on the superb Cartography, plough a similar furrow for Crime Scenes.

London Map Fair: the landscape of time

Europe's largest antiquarian map fair opens in London next week, providing a glimpse of the creative ways cartographers drew the landscape hundreds of years ago.

A world of maps at your fingertips

Massimo De Martini's face assumes a look of concentrated pleasure as he slips the delicate sheet of paper, 16in by 27in, from its protective plastic sleeve.

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Google Earth captures ‘The Boneyard’

The world’s biggest military aircraft graveyard, known as the ‘The Boneyard’, can now be seen in fantastic Google Earth satellite images which capture the strange and intricate patterns made by 2,600 acres of dilapidated planes.