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Antiviral, BFI London Film Festival

This debut from David Cronenberg's son Brandon is a biological nightmare so gruesome and told with such unflinching scrutiny that even viewers of the strongest constitutions may find themselves a little nauseous.

US man injured in gun accident gets new face, teeth and jaw

After 15 years of wearing a mask and living as a recluse, a 37-year-old Virginia man disfigured in a gun accident got a new face, nose, teeth and jaw in what University of Maryland physicians say is the most extensive face transplant ever performed.

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Scientific breakthrough as red blood cells are made from IVF embryos

British scientists have turned stem cells from spare IVF embryos into red blood cells as part of a project to manufacture synthetic blood on an industrial-scale. It is believed to be the first time in Britain that human red blood cells have been created from embryonic stem cells and it marks a milestone in a project aimed at producing blood for medical transfusions.

Born worried: Is anxiety all in the genes?

Sigmund Freud believed that anxious personalities are shaped in childhood. But after a lifetime of study, Harvard psychologist Jerome Kagan is convinced that it's all in the genes