Enid Blyton

Why I loved my toxic mother

Lotte Berk was a charismatic fitness guru in the Sixties, with legions of fans. But she was also cruel, callous and neglectful, says her daughter, Esther, who tells Kate Burt how she learned to forgive

Cultural Life: Jilly Cooper, author

Books: I'm like an old dinosaur living in the countryside writing books in longhand or on my old manual typewriter – but I've learnt a lot about modern technology reading 'In Office Hours' by Lucy Kellaway. A young female executive has an office affair with a young trainee and another one has an affair with her married boss. Naturally, their worlds come unstuck and they are destined for hell and damnation at the end. I just read 'Dash: Bitch of the Year' by Andrew Dilger. More than 10,000 greyhounds die a year. It really upsets me.

One Minute With: Lisa Jewell

I'm sitting at my desk at the top of my home in North London. I have all the blinds open and I can see an unspoilt blue sky with no jet trails in it.

Who's for Lacrosse? GANT by Michael Bastian is

Lacrosse, an anachronistic sport involving a stick with a small basket on the end, which will be familiar to childhood readers of Enid Blyton's Malory Towers books, has Inspired the first collaboration between GANT and Michael Bastian, unveiled today at New York Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Week.

Read all about it

With no more Harry Potter tales on the horizon, how to get the ankle-biters to get into a good book?

The magic of treehouses

The great British treehouse is under threat – from the planners. But looking at the world through leaves is a rite of passage no child should miss, says Brian Viner

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