Evelyn Waugh

Can Abramovich talk the talk?

He's made his mark without opening his mouth in public. But that will all change in the witness box next week, reports Tom Peck

Player attacked by own fan in Argentina

San Lorenzo's home match with All Boys in the Argentine first division this weekend has been suspended after Saints defender Jonathan Bottinelli was attacked by a fan of his own club.

David Lister: 'Twenty-five years is a long time in arts journalism'

I feel a little queasy about writing an anniversary piece, as I was in the room in August 1986 – two months before the launch of The Independent – when the founding editor Andreas Whittam Smith declared that one of the many ways in which we should break the mould was by avoiding anniversary journalism. Twenty-five years on and I'm still disobeying his instructions, although that particular pledge, to be fair, didn't last terribly long.

Halcyon Days, Riverside Studios, London

The publicity for this English premiere of Shoji Kokami's play promises an examination of "the cult popularity of suicide websites in contemporary Japanese culture". But though it was written, in 2004, in response to a spate of web-connected teenage suicides, the piece furnishes few insights into those morbid internet forums which encourage the lonely and depressed to form suicide pacts with strangers.

Former police chief held over murder of Politkovskaya

A former Russian police officer has been arrested on suspicion of organising the killing of investigative journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, in 2006. Lieutenant-Colonel Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov is accused of plotting the logistics of the killing whilst he was still working as the head of a top police unit.

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Tiger team hit back after Williams' day in spotlight

Tiger Woods has heard quite enough bitterness from his former caddie, Steve Williams. Yesterday Team Tiger struck back, vehemently denying the Kiwi's claims that Woods lied when telling the press he had sacked Williams "face to face".

The 10 best music memoirs

Tales of raucous excess and tortured creativity are the hallmarks of a good rock autobiography. Best read with a bottle of Jack Daniels at your elbow...