Family Business

Britain's Oldest Family Businesses, TV review: Pomp and ceremony in a

A stray glance at last night's BBC4 schedules might have tricked people into thinking that Britain's Oldest Family Businesses were being given the Horrible Histories treatment. Alas, this is actually part of a three-part strand called Hidden Histories, which is similar in that it is about history, but different in that it is a very on-the-straight-and-narrow documentary for BBC4 rather than a daft romp through the past with Steve Punt and pals.

Mary Broome, Orange Tree, Richmond

There are two incontestably good reasons why theatre lovers should flock to the Orange Tree in Richmond at the moment. The first is that Auriol Smith's excellent production gives a sharp, wonderfully entertaining new lease of life to this all-but-forgotten 1911 comedy by Allan Monkhouse.

How Madoff's surviving son handles grief and scandal

The fiancée of Bernard Madoff's surviving son has provided a glimpse of life in the shadow of history's biggest fraud, revealing how Andrew Madoff has thrown himself into music and new business ventures as a whirlwind of recrimination continues to swirl around him.

Agustin Pichot: How the Pumas learnt to roar

Once he provided flair on the field. Now Agustin Pichot is driving Argentina's success behind the scenes, leading them into the Tri-Nations. He tells Chris Hewett about his dream to equal Australia's success

Why family firms are the business

Shared values and a sense of pride – or sibling rivalry and squabbles in the boardroom? Helen Brown finds out what blood ties bring to the workplace

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City set to fine Robinho

Manchester City are set to fine record signing Robinho for his training ground walk out in Tenerife last week.

Dickinson's mother Monica dies at 83

Racing dynasty matriarch Monica Dickinson has died at the age of 83. And though it was her late husband, Tony, and then their son, Michael, who held the licence in Yorkshire for most of the glory years, Monica was integral to the operation that reached its peak when the yard sent out the first five in the 1983 Cheltenham Gold Cup.