Frankfurt Am Main

FA watch with interest at Arsenal Ladies take on Chelsea at the

Football Association officials will be watching closely the attendance tonight as the first FA Womens' Super League match is hosted at a Premier League stadium. Arsenal Ladies, the defending champions, play early league leaders Chelsea Ladies at the Emirates - a far cry from their usual home of non-league Borehamwood.

The ultimate loo with a view

Some might feel that the world's bankers have been metaphorically wazzing on us from a great height for years.

48 Hours: Mainz

This German city where the Rhine and Main meet is gearing up for carnival season, says Susan Griffith.

In a time before sat-nav...

Before the world was mapped so comprehensively by Google's camera cars, the colour plates that make up publisher Georg Braun and engraver Franz Hogenberg's survey of Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America would have performed a similar function.

Main attraction: Cruise through Germany between Europe's two great

When the deck hand waved at me, I gave a shy little wave back. The crew on board the Premicon Queen had been nothing if not friendly, so I was left reflecting to myself on the intimate bonhomie of river cruises. Then he gave me a really big, rather more urgent, wave: he was doing a sweep of the top deck to warn us of fast-approaching low bridges, for which Germany's Main river is renowned.

Bayern receive boost ahead of Frankfurt match

An interesting statistic: Louis Van Gaal, coach at Bayern Munich, has exactly the same record in the Bundesliga as his predecessor, Jurgen Klinsmann, had at this point last season. He will be hoping to move out of the former coach's shadow, however, with a win at home to Eintracht Frankfurt tomorrow.

Maserati gets ready to show the GranCabrio at Frankfurt

This is Maserati's new convertible. What's different about it? Well, it will be the first full four-seat open car that the Italian manufacturer has built in-house. "Rear passengers are not merely supporting actors but co-stars of the journey," the company says. Corny, but likely to be true, because the GranCabrio is a real looker.

Bentley reveals new Mulsanne

Bentley has shown the first full pictures of the replacement for its hand-built Arnage model, the Mulsanne. The new car's name calls to mind the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans, the scene of many famous Bentley racing victories.

Album: Mahler, Four Movements – FRSO/Järvi, (Virgin)

Paavo Järvi's curious Mahler programme with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra brings together the original versions of three symphonic movements that were either once intended for different purposes ("Blumine" and "Totenfeier") or formed part of an incomplete work (the "Adagio" from the 10th Symphony).

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