Album: Little Dragon, Ritual Union (Peacefrog)

The idea of setting the human against the robotic has provided electronic pop with a rich seam of inspiration ever since Yazoo. In recent years, few acts have carried it off with greater style than this Swedish-Japanese quartet.

Album: Gorillaz, The Fall (Parlophone)

The Fall was sneak-released to fan-club members on Christmas Day, just nine months after Plastic Beach, but is only now getting a wider physical release to the slowcoaches of the general populace.

Observations: Na na, hay hay: the countryside comes to those 'rural'

Despite the fact that most summer festivals take place outdoors, in a field somewhere in the middle of the countryside, they are very rarely thought of as being at one with nature. But, this year, they really are. For the first time at Glastonbury, which starts on Wednesday, the National Trust will have an Outside Inn, where people can swap the sound of ear-splitting music for soothing birdsong or gentle rolling waves.

Fiona Sturges: Copy or not, Gorillaz's song is inferior to Eddy's

There is, it has to be said, a certain similarity in the synthesised melody of "Time Warp" to that of Gorillaz's "Stylo". But singer Eddy Grant's request for full credit for the song is pushing it, since in every other respect the two tracks are very different. "Time Warp", which originally appeared in 1982 as a double-A side with Grant's No 1 hit "Electric Avenue", is a quietly mesmerising piece supported by a single, immutable disco beat that itself owes a debt to the dance-floor supremo Giorgio Moroder.

Gorillaz tale makes tracks online

A documentary about Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's virtual band has premiered on an internet and mobile phone website. James Mottram watches the future, and wonders if Hollywood is scared

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