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Scour museum gift shops for divine designs

They may not be the first place you think to look while shopping for the best in contemporary design, but – as these original and quirky pieces show – museum shops are about much more than postcards and erasers

Tom Sutcliffe: The ironic demise of satire

Thirty-eight years ago, give or take a couple of months, Peter Cook and Nicholas Luard opened The Establishment Club in Greek Street, London; a nightclub which has a reasonable claim to be the most influential after-hours dive of the last century. In tangential ways the Establishment Club shaped British history, establishing a beach-head for satire from which the forces of sarcasm and irreverence spread out in all directions, capturing high ground in television and publishing. At the time the fact that it was a nightclub was a way of getting round the Lord Chamberlain's cramping restrictions on what could be said and done on stage – but the bohemian surroundings added, I think, a sense of the subterranean to material that might have looked a good deal more conventional in other forms.

Observations: Dark delights from the lonely mind of Japanese genius

Since he came to prominence during the Japanese pop art movement of the 1990s, the cult illustrator Yoshitomo Nara has intrigued, delighted and disturbed with his curious cast of wide-eyed, balloon-headed characters. These cutesy, cartoon-like creatures at first appear full of innocence and wonder, but on closer inspection reveal what could well be expressions of fearful malevolence. The overall effect is more than a little unnerving.