Leona Lewis

X Factor review: The tenth anniversary show

In the same week that television brought us a drama about the making of Doctor Who, X Factor celebrated its tenth birthday with a series of performances of past winner’s singles.

Leona Lewis: 'I get more nervous performing now than when I was 10'

I believe I could have had a career in the music industry without the X Factor But it was an amazing platform that propelled me to what's happening now. I won't listen to anything people say [against] it. I got up every week and sang on stage without that lip-syncing that a lot of artists do these days – that takes a talent that you can't fake.

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Diary: No treats for the Cabinet

Sarah Vine – Times columnist, domestic goddess and wife of the Education Secretary, Michael Gove – is, as her readers will be aware, a keen baker. Last week, I'm very reliably informed, she produced a particularly large batch of flapjacks and, unable to feed them to her family fast enough, gave them to her husband as a treat for his hungry cabinet colleagues. Pickles, Clarke et al, she surely concluded, are classic flapjack-lovers. Gove dutifully transported the tasty snacks to Downing Street in a Tupperware container. On his way to the Cabinet Room, however, he was detained by that day's security detail, who informed him, in no uncertain terms, that the Tupperware – not to mention the flapjacks within – was a security risk, and would have to stay with them. So Gove went to Cabinet empty-handed, and Ken Clarke's tea went unaccompanied. But who, we might well ask, ate all the flapjacks?