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Peter Blake

Twins? There's one born every five years

Jody and Simon Blake have spent the past couple of months showing off their twins, Reuben and Floren, to friends – and delighting in the looks of bemusement that greet them. Because while Reuben went back to school yesterday, his sister, Floren, will have to wait until 2017. The children were born five years apart, but technically they are twins because they were born from the same batch of embryos.

On the menu: Vietnamese baguettes, a cutting-edge cookbook, brandy,

This week I've been eating... Vietnamese baguettes Banhi mi is one of the happier leftovers of French colonialism in South-east Asia. The weighty sandwiches combine the best of France (warm, crusty bread) with the best of Vietnam (spicy meat and lightly pickled veg), and are the stock-in-trade of Keu Deli on London's Old Street.

Eyes on the Turner Prize

It is famed for its wacky works – and with one piece titled The Same Old Crap, this year's Turner Prize is no exception

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