Shephard's Bush

The Caretaker, Trafalgar Studios, London

Must be worth a bob or two, this," says Jonathan Pryce's Davies, surveying the flotsam a shipwrecked life has washed up in a room in Shepherd's Bush. But not three, one thinks of the mounds of furniture, crates, and crockery, all the brown of lavatory and tobacco stains. The tramp says he left his wife when he came across a saucepan with her dirty underwear in it. Now he's living in one.

Black Kids - the young guns who grew up

From Christian ska group to 'bling indie pop' and dance music, Florida's Black Kids have flirted with many formats. Chris Mugan talks to the band about lust, love triangles and Lynyrd Skynyrd

Extraordinary admission to interrogators by London bomb suspect

Osman Hussain, suspected of attempting to blow up commuters in Shepherd's Bush, west London, has given an extraordinary account of a plot hatched in a basement gym in Notting Hill, according to leaks from his interrogation by Italian investigating magistrates.

London escapes in new blasts terror

Four small explosions caused a major alarm at three London Tube stations and on a double-decker bus. London's police chief says some devices "have not gone off properly" and only one person was injured.