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Spice Girls 'set for Olympics closing ceremony'

Rumours that the Spice Girls will be reuniting to perform at the Olympic Games closing ceremony look to be true after the band were pictured apparently rehearsing for Sunday's extravaganza.

Shrimpy's, King's Cross Filling Station, London

Where have they all come from? All these hipsters, tiny of beard and large of spectacle? Is there a shuttle bus, bringing them over from east London? Why is that man wearing some kind of shortie pyjama suit? And shouldn't that girl try and cover up some of those tattoos with a pretty scarf?

Free Run, Udderbelly’s Pasture

It was only a matter of time before freerunning and parkour, already picked up from the streets by Hollywood film directors and advertising moguls, filtered down into theatres.

2401 Objects/Snap.Catch.Slam, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Henry Molaison was a mild-mannered American who became the most famous amnesiac in the world. Having suffered fits in childhood, he underwent experimental brain surgery in 1953. That procedure cured him of his epilepsy but left him unable to form new memories, condemning him to live life in an eternal, infernal present. After he died in 2008, his brain was dissected, live on the internet, into 2,401 slices, in an attempt to learn something more about the man with no memory.

Béatrice Dalle: 'I am naturally quite bashful'

Shoplifting! Nudity! Drugs! Banned from the US! A boyfriend who punched a monkey on TV! A husband she met while he was in prison... Just how 'bashful' are you, Béatrice? Robert Chalmers meets the divine Ms Dalle

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High-rise fire victims mourned

Tens of thousands of people swarmed to the site of a Shanghai high-rise fire that killed 58 recently to mourn and quietly criticise a system that allowed illegal contracting and unsafe materials in the country's most modern city.

30 years on: Franco Rosso on why Babylon's burning

30 years ago this month the cult movie Babylon was released - giving a brutal insight into south London's West Indian community in the late 70s. Ahead of a planned sequel, <b>Miguel Cullen</b> speaks to director Franco Rosso to see how the city has changed in the subsequent years.