Donald Trump inauguration: Billionaire TV star becomes US President - as it happened

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Former reality television star and property magnate sworn in at Capitol

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Donald Trump has been sworn in as US President. Here is how the day's events unfolded:



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President Donald Trump is making his way down Constitution Avenue with a military escort as his inauguration parade begins in Washington. 

The president will review the parade from a viewing stand near the White House. 

He and first lady Melania Trump are riding in the presidential limousine nicknamed "The Beast." 

Trump is being cheered by supporters as his car passes. 

Others are shouting "Media sucks" while a group of protesters chants, "Not my president, not my president." 

Earlier Mr Trump — in brief remarks at his inaugural lunch at the Capitol — said he was honoured that Hillary Clinton, his rival in the White House race, came to the event. 

The bipartisan crowd of lawmakers and other dignitaries gave Clinton a standing ovation after Trump asked her to rise. 

Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, sat with members of Trump's family at the event. 

Trump ended by saying he has "a lot of respect for those two people." 

Mr Trump was named the 45th President of the United States at midday on Friday. His inauguration was met with protests across Washington DC.