Google, Amazon, The BBC: Office dogs are giving us paws for thought

It seems the latest star of the BBC is a golden retriever called Miss Molly. If you caught the politics show This Week you would have noticed that the  10-month-old dog was given free rein of the studio and so decided to have a wander around the set. She even had a snooze in the lap of guest David Starkey and cuddled up to Terry Wogan.

Hounded out: Why dogs are struggling to fit into modern life

Dogs are in crisis. We either treat them like rabid wolves, or furry humans. No wonder they're confused, writes animal behaviourist John Bradshaw. But the latest research can now reveal what our canine friends would tell us – if only they knew how

Animal Art Fair 2011 – picture preview

The second ever Animal Art Fair opens at London’s Fulham Palace this weekend, bringing a vast collection of paintings and drawings of pets and wildlife under the same roof.

The ten best dog accessories

From transporting a tired terrier in style to making Fido shoulder his share of the load, we take a lead and scoop up the best canine clobber...

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Vote a new Humphrey into Downing Street

With a rodent problem at Downing Street having been highlighted by the appearance of rats on not one but two broadcasts from outside Number 10 this week, it seems that Humphrey, the former feline resident, is sorely missed.

Pet of the week: The Syrian hamster

Undeniably cute with his twitchy whiskers, pouchy cheeks and shining eyes, it's easy to see how the hamster has snuggled his way to our hearts. Unlike Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny, the hamster has never needed an animated alter-ego equivalent to do the talking for him. Not unless you count Richard Hammond...

Pet Of The Week: The snowflake moray eel

A snowflake moray eel (Echidna nebulosa) – it may not strike you as being an obvious pet, but for lovers of exotic aquatic life, eels are a constant source of wonder: inquisitive, lively and beautiful. It is not to be confused with the massive conger eel that lurks in the depths and terrifies unwary scuba divers, though it shares some genetic traits with this denizen of the deep, and can grow up to a metre in length.

The wild side: Britain's 20 weirdest pets

Fancy fostering a wide-mouth frog? think you can handle a fire-bellied newt? Or maybe you just want to cuddle up with a glis glis? let Jamie Buckley be your guide...

Pet of the week: The Hermann's tortoise

Who's hiding in here? Testudo hermanni, or Hermann's tortoise, sometimes referred to as a Mediterranean tortoise. He's quite little, for a tortoise, growing to just eight inches, which is smaller than a giant African land snail, for crying out loud.

Pet of the week: The African pygmy hedgehog

After the pygmy goat, the micro pig and the dwarf rabbit, you might think that the world is quite well catered-for in the shrunken pet department. But think again. The burgeoning popularity of the dwarf hedgehog is something that we could no longer ignore.

Campaigner with a bone to pick about inbreeding

Jemima Harrison is persona non grata in canine circles after her film, Pedigree Dogs Exposed, highlighted the problems of inbreeding. Undaunted, she smuggled herself into the first day of the annual show to find out whether the issue has been confronted. Jerome Taylor joined her