James Yorkston, Union Chapel, London

One of the several  rambling, funny tales James Yorkston tells tonight has him bumping into an old acquaintance he hasn't seen for years who, worried he's looking "a bit rough", enquires if he has a job these days. Yorkston, considering his wandering singer's life, allows him to think he's unemployed, just scraping by. He's offered a house-painting job, but can't make it as, dressed in the clothes that had him tagged as destitute, he's playing this gig.

Letter from the editor: Pithy is good

There continues to be only one story in town. i’s mailbox tells me how engaged with and passionate about the phone-hacking saga most of our readers are (Geoff Humphries of Cambridge may “want to switch off” when he sees the word “hacking”, but he is in a tiny minority).

The 10 best ciders

Forget the cheap stuff at the back of the newsagent’s fridge, well-made scrumpy can compete with the best craft beers, as this sharp bunch proves...

Magners returns to profit after three years

Sales of Magners cider returned to growth in Britain for the first time in three years, its maker C&C said yesterday. The recovery contributed to a 29.4 per cent rise in C&C's half-year earnings from continuing operations, to €63.4m (£55.2m).

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