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Album: Jon Thor Birgisson & Alex Somers, Riceboy Sleeps (Parlophone)

Riceboy Sleeps is the name under which Sigur Ros frontman Jon Thor Birgisson and his partner Alex Somers exhibit their artworks, and now serves as the title of their first album, the contents of which are accurately signalled in the press release's use of terms such as "contemplative dream-state" and "slowly evolving abstract landscapes".

Observations: Duffy's Mercy gets its second coming

As if we had not heard enough of Duffy's mega-hit last year, prepare for its second coming. Now "Mercy" has been covered to sound even more retro. Quite a feat, given how strongly the Welsh wonder channels the beehive glamour of Dusty Springfield and Lulu's wide-eyed exuberance.